The habit of reading is one of the most important that children begin to establish in childhood. The child acquires a greater level of autonomy as he achieves new goals that are part of his own development as a human being.

This decision-making capacity can also be framed on the literary plane. It is positive that you give stories to your child. But it is also convenient that he has the opportunity to decide which works he wants to read .

Personal preferences

The reading experience is not linear for all readers. Each person experiences a greater interest in some specific topics, in some authors or in a type of work. For the child to have the opportunity to acquire a broad knowledge of the publishing world in adulthood, he must have previously dived into this universe at each age of childhood.

That is, the child’s preferences can be guided by your own advice. In this way, your choice will focus on those publications that are directed to children of their age.


The habit of reading is not only created, but also strengthened through practice. But there are factors that negatively affect a child’s interest in a story. If that story bores you, disconnect from the plot. On the contrary, when you choose the book you want to read, you start this process with more enthusiasm .


Just because a child has the freedom to choose the book they want to read does not guarantee that they will love it. But it does offer you an opportunity that is based on your own judgment. In this way, from this learning process, the reader has different references and experiences that enrich his life .

Connection between books and childhood

A child who plays a team sport is likely to be interested in a children’s book that presents that activity in its argument. The individual variables in the choice of a book are constant: hobbies, experiences, school and the routines of family life are just some of the aspects that are part of children’s biography. Issues that can be reflected in the selection of a work.

The most important thing is to read

Not all books are written by authors who have received literary awards. Many titles do not reach the top sales positions. And yet, the positive effect that reading has on the reader’s life goes beyond these variables.

Because the most important thing is to read and make reading a frequent habit.

Therefore, it is convenient to overcome the prejudices and stereotypes that can arise around the reading itself. Many simple works , practically unknown to the general public, offer great surprises.